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Residential Roofing Services

roof inspectionResidential roofs undergo a lot of wear and tear in the Pacific Northwest. While a beautiful place to live, the consistent moisture and rainfall in Portland can pose a serious problem if your home’s roof is in need of repair or replacement. Water damage is no joke and can transform from a small headache to a major expenditure amounting thousands of dollars in damages if not taken care of quickly.

From dry rot repair to re-roofing, Pacific West Roofing has the experience to get your home back on track and protected from the rain and moisture that winter brings. When your home is in need of a new roof, it can become a dire situation in no time. So when a heavy storm comes rolling through, or a tree falls onto your roof, get in touch with the pros at Pacific West Roofing. Here is a quick list of residential services we offer:

Roof maintenance

The best defense to expensive roof repairs is good maintenance. Our technicians will ensure that your roof is prepared for extreme weather and guarded against moss and other pests that weaken roofs over time:

  • Removal and treatment of moss
  • Cleaning debris from roof, gutters, chimneys
  • Sealing roof against future leaks
  • Replacing/caulking flashings
  • Repairing loose shingles and nail pops

Roof repairs

From re-roofing to skylight replacement, we have the tools to tackle just about any repairs you may need. In addition, we can repair most roof types, including tile, shingle and metal roofs:

  • Reroof all composition, treated shake roofs & PVC single ply membrane for flat roofs
  • Tear off all roof types
  • Chimney repair/rebuilding
  • Skylights: Replacement and re-flashing
  • Dry rot: Treatment and repair

Specialty roofing

Roofing contractors in Portland, OR

Pacific West Roofing is committed to providing quality roofing products and services so that you can have peace of mind that your home can withstand the elements. Contact us today and speak to an experienced roofer about what your home needs to keep your family safe and comfortable.