What is a Cool Roof?

There’s a term going around, you may have heard it: heat island effect. A heat island refers to the disparity between the temperatures in cities and surrounding rural areas, and researchers have concluded that an average American city can be anywhere up to 5.4°F warmer than surrounding areas during the day and a staggering 22°F […]

Everything You Need to Know about Shed Roofing

When you decide to build a shed, you probably have a million things running through your mind, from the type of lumber you’re going to use to the framework and structure of the shed. What you should also be giving equal thought to (if not more), however, is the roof of your shed.

These Mistakes in Building Result in Lawsuits

Before hiring your next builder for your home remodeling/upgrade project, it’s paramount to know some basic fundamentals so you don’t get stuck in a bad, or even worse, potentially legal situation. It’s important to choose a builder who possesses a good reputation, does quality work, and treats his or her clients in a fair and […]

Are Metal Roofs Energy Efficient?

Keep this in mind – your roof is the part of your house that gets the most direct sunlight, if it isn’t shaded. If you want to cut down utility costs, it’s critical to have one that’s energy efficient. When people are choosing a new roof, the main concern is how it looks. Of course […]

Why a Hot Yoga Studio Needs This Roof

If you own a yoga studio, you have two main priorities: create an enjoyable space for your students, and keep your studio in top condition. Many factors go into supporting these priorities, but fundamentally it comes down to one thing, and it’s overlooked by so many yoga studios that it shocks us:

All About Silicone Roof Coating

Silicone roof coating can be a great way to keep the flat or low sloped roof on your home looking great and working at its peak. This type of roof coating is incredibly popular and is either rolled or sprayed on over most existing roof surfaces. If it needs to be touched up, it can […]
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